Ector County, Texas Genealogy & History

Scharbauer City, Texas

Scharbauer City is located 1.5 miles west of Gardendale, Texas, at the intersection of State Highway 158 and U. S. Highway 285 in northeastern Ector County. It was named for a local ranching family and developed before 1947 after the opening of several oil fields in northern Ector County. From 1949 through 1958 the community reported a population of 20 and one business. After 1960 and through 1998 the population remained at 20, but the store had closed. No school or post office was found at Scharbauer City.

Sources: State Department of Highways and Public Transportation, General Highway Map of Ector County, Texas, revised 01 Nov 1986; Gardendale, Tex, USGS 7.5 topographical map, 1968; Robert L. Phifer, Petroleum Review: Ector County, Texas (Houston: Phifer Petroleum Publications, 1955), 8-13; 1947-1948 Texas Almanac, 146; 1961-62 Texas Almanac, 215; 1998-99 Texas Almanac, 314; John Clements, Flying the Colors: Texas Facts, 5th ed. (Dallas: Clements Research II, Inc., 1988), 218, did not list Scharbauer City among the unincorporated communities of Ector County.

Scharbauer City is at the intersection of U.S. Highway 385 and State Highway 158, 1½ miles west of Gardendale in northeastern Ector County. It was named for a local ranching family and reported twenty residents and one business in 1949. By 1961 the business had closed, but the community continued to report a population of twenty through 1990.  Scharbauer City from the Handbook of Texas Online.