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Badger, Texas

                      Badger, Texas 1941

Badger, Texas, reportedly a populated place, was located 2 miles northeast of Judkins, Texas, on U. S. Highway 80 and the Texas & Pacific railroad in southwestern Ector County. Although it sat beside the railroad, Badger did not originate as a point on the railroad. Badger developed as a result of the oil discovery on 28 December 1926 in nearby Penwell field. In the oil boom that followed, Badger came into existence at sometime in 1927. By 1933 the community reported one business and a population of 200 and that population figure remained until sometime during World War II. After the war and through 1947 population showed a decline to fifty, still served by one business. Before 1949 both the population and the business disappeared and Badger, Texas, was not listed among Texas populated places by later issues of Texas Almanac or by John Clements in Flying the Colors (1984). No post office, school, church, or cemetery was found at Badger, Texas.
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